Throwing the dream wedding while staying on budget is a common challenge.  The Wedding Report estimates that in 2015, the average wedding cost in the Washington, DC metro area was $37,633.  Whether you’re planning to spend a little less or a little more, factoring in all major costs into your budget is a win-win situation.

But for many involved in the wedding planning process, the chauffeured transportation is often left out of the planning process.  We’re here to help change that.  By becoming an educated wedding planner, bride, groom or even if you’re just helping out, knowledge about the right type of limousine service is key.

Should I choose the hourly option or point to point?

Point-to-point rides are a great option if you are traveling from one destination to another and don’t need to accommodate a lot of additional items such as gifts or a wedding dress or multiple stops along the way. While it may appear an easy way to save a few dollars, a point-to-point ride type is probably not the best ground transportation choice for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Hourly rides are a great choice for special occasions where having more time and flexibility is desired.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • Many brides hire a wedding photographer and plan to have pictures taken before and after the ceremony. When you book an hourly limo ride for your wedding day, you can factor in the extra time needed for photos and ensure you get to and from the aisle without rushing.
  • Oops, I forgot _____!!! Just in case you forget something, by booking an hourly limo ride your driver is able to double back and pick up what you need.
  • Bottled water and ice to keep you refreshed throughout the day
  • “Just Married” flags or signs to publicly showcase your new bond


No matter which option you choose, All About You Limousines always rolls out the Red Carpet for you to make your arrival at the ceremony, reception and/or your final destination more glamourous.

After all, it’s your special day that you’ll remember for a lifetime.